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Eligibility for equipment financing typically depends on factors such as the type of business, credit history, financial health, and the type of equipment being financed. Generally, businesses with a solid credit background and a stable financial history are eligible.

Our financing process is straightforward. It starts with an eligibility check, followed by selecting the equipment you need. You’ll then complete an application form and submit necessary documentation. We’ll review your application and notify you of the decision.

The approval time can vary, but we aim to process applications as swiftly as possible. Typically, once you’ve submitted all required information and documents, you can expect a decision within a few business days.

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Payment Methods

For your convenience, Stronghold Equipment allows you to purchase equipment directly online using your debit or credit card. Simply add the desired vehicle to your cart and proceed to checkout to complete your purchase.

Additionally, we accept wire transfers as a payment option for those who prefer this method.

For customers interested in financing, we are pleased to offer an equipment financing option to help make your acquisition more manageable.

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