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The Gambit series offers versatile forklift models like 7700, 6600, and more, ideal for Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Automotive industries, providing robust, gasoline-powered performance in a foundational, all-around machine.

Gambit 4400 Forklift
GAMBIT Diesel Forklift

Meeting Industrial Challenges: The Gambit Series Advantage

The Gambit series excels in diverse industrial settings, offering a robust lineup with 7700 models, designed for efficiency and durability. Powered by regular gasoline engines, these forklifts are ideal for challenging environments like manufacturing and warehousing, providing precision, power, and reliability to effortlessly handle a variety of tasks. This series showcases the perfect blend of versatility and robust engineering, making it a go-to choice for industries requiring dependable material handling solutions.

Diesel Fork Lifts

GAMBIT Diesel Inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

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Discover essential insights and clarifications in our Frequently Asked Questions section, tailored to address your key queries about the Gambit series.

The series includes models like the 11000,8800, 7700, 6600, 4400

Yes, they are designed for heavy-duty tasks, offering robust performance across various industries.
The series is ideal for Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Automotive industries, among others.

Safety is prioritized with ergonomic designs, responsive controls, and stability features to protect operators.

Yes, the series offers a variety of engine options including MITSUBISHI, PSI, KUBOTA, and CUMMINS.
The series includes multiple models with different weight capacities to suit various operational needs.
With precision handling capability, these forklifts are adept at maneuvering in confined spaces.

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