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S Series DIESEL & LPG Forklifts

The Gambit S series, available in models like 7700P and 6600P, revolutionizes forklift design with its industry-specific adaptability and a unique built-in cab suspension, offering unmatched stability and comfort unlike traditional forklifts.

Side View Gambit S 7700P Forklift
GAMBIT s Diesel & LPG Forklifts

Advanced Stability: The Built-in Suspension DIfference

The Gambit S series introduces an innovative built-in suspension system in the cab, a groundbreaking feature that significantly enhances stability during operations, especially in demanding industrial environments. This advanced suspension technology not only reduces vibrations and shock impacts for the operator but also ensures precise handling and control, essential for navigating in tight spaces and uneven surfaces. By prioritizing operator comfort and load stability, the Gambit S series stands out as a forklift solution that can reliably tackle the most challenging tasks while ensuring safety and efficiency.

Diesel & LPG Fork Lifts


Frequently Asked Questions

Here to Help Answer Your Questions

Find answers to your most common queries about the Gambit S series in our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, designed to help you make an informed decision.

The Gambit S series includes the 7700P and 6600P models.

The built-in suspension reduces vibrations and enhances stability, providing a comfortable and safe operating experience, especially in demanding industrial environments.
These forklifts are ideal for the Chemicals, Metals, and Building industries, offering robust performance and reliability in these demanding sectors.
Yes, the Gambit S series offers a choice between DOOSAN and MITSUBISHI engines for each model, allowing customization based on your needs.
Absolutely, they produce zero emissions during operation, making them an eco-friendly choice for indoor and outdoor use.
Yes, lithium-ion batteries are generally lighter, contributing to the overall efficiency and maneuverability of the equipment.
Safety is enhanced through the suspension system, which minimizes jolts and vibrations, along with ergonomic design and responsive controls.
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